The Flat Tire Film Family is developing a handful of feature films and TV-series.  We're always looking for co-producers, financiers, distribution channels and/or production companies to collaborate with to make them reallity. So if you think you have a connection for us, don't hesitate to contact us.

Here's a sneak peak at some of our projects:



Feature | Aprox 90 minutes | Horror, Thriller


A sole Carolean, stationed at an outpost in the early 18h centuary, is haunted by a ghost from his past.

Directors § Screenwriters: Alexander Kantsjö § Jacob Mohlin, DoP: Ola Magnestam, Set Designer: Pelle Magnestam, Costume: Sanna Nyström, Producer: Fred Thustrup...

Click on the poster to watch the the trailer from our proof of concept-pilot.

We're currently looking for finance and co-producers. Give us a "Hello!" if you're interested in more datails.



Feature | Aprox 90 minuter | Comedy, Drama


The full lenght version of the short from 2013. The story about an undertaker who has forgotten how to live.

Alexander Kantsjö and Jacob Mohlin is currently working on the firt draft of the screenplay.

Click on the poster to watch a teaser from the short/pilot. 

Give us a holler if you're interested in more details and/or if you want the password for the short (28 minutes) on Vimeo.



Feature | Aprox 120 minutes | Sci-Fi


Director/Producer Robin "Robinovich" Kempe-Bergman and Director/Producer/Actor Jacob Mohlin is working on a really interesting/mind blowing project, if we may say so ourselves... They have known each other for over 15 years but not untill now they're writing together.

A Sci-Fi feature film that will be directed by Robin and starring Jacob in a leading roll. That's about everything we can say so far...

To be continued... (or if you're already intriged and would like to be involved in the progress and/orinvest some cash...  Send a message!

Showreel | Jacob Mohlin

Showreel | Robin "Robinovich" Kempe-Bergman

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