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Flat Tire Film is a creative production company born in 2005 and located at Kungsholmen in Stockholm, Sweden. We produce marketing and advertising media and help to build brands by using production expertise to design and develop videos and film for branding, products, websites, television, cinemas, VOD and social media, from global marketing to everyday content... kind of...sort of...

...actually... Flat Tire Film is basically just me, Jacob Mohlin... but I have a huge film family and an amazing network and together we create fantastic things!

Commercials, music promos, interstitials, title sequences, branded contents, short films, feature films, drama, comedy, horror, CGI, animation, stop motion... You name it! We are not afraid of anything and can take care of everything from ideas, scripts and pre-production to post-production and online. And don't forget; no idea or budget is too big or too small.

Over and out!/Jacob, Flat Tire Film

BTW... this is me if you're curious:




Here's some links to film family members, collaborators and partners in crime...

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